Capital: Canberra

Population: 23.13 million

States: New South Wales, Queensland, South Australia, Western Australia, Tasmania, Victoria

Language: Australian English


Australia, a vast, multicultural and a country with natural glory!

This world’s sixth-largest country consists of the mainland of the Australian continent, Tasmania Island, and other smaller islands which make this continent a place with a variety of celebration and party destinations.

Because of its size and isolation from the rest of the world, Australia is sometimes called the ‘island continent’. But, this 23 million people land is anything but close to a calm desert island. Large cities like Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth or Adelaide are an alluring combination of bars, shops and beaches which give them an epithet- „hip cities“. Depending on the type of celebration you are preparing, in Australia, you can find a place just customized for you: choose Melbourne if you are an art lover, Brisbane for a tropical party, Adelaide if you want a men’s night out at the numerous bars or if you prefer to get away from the heat and enjoy a bit of chilly weather – drive to Hobart.

Bachelor party at the Yabun Festival ?

For those of you who love to taste of adrenaline even when they celebrate just hit the road! And this is actually the best way to appreciate Australia. Australia has a wide choice of national parks and undisturbed corners custom made for camping trips…and celebrations under the tent. This can actually be a great 50th birthday party idea!


Moreton bay bug for your reception dinner?

Let’s not forget the Australian menu: it’s a multicultural fusion of European techniques and fresh ingredients. Naturally, seafood is something Australian chefs are really proud of – you need to include delicate King George Whiting and Moreton Bay Bugs to your celebration menu! And of course- beer. You can’t imagine an Aussie without a beer in his hand, right? While your man enjoys VB or Fosters, you can have a toast with Australian wines, which are world – beaters. Tasmanian sauvignon blanc, Barossa Valley shiraz Hunter Valley semillon… you name it!

Desert wedding

Desert wedding ?

Searching for an exotic place for your destination wedding? Visit the World Heritage-listed Great Barrier Reef, which is not only visible from outer space but is also one of the largest living structures on the world. If you are throwing a big beach wedding, Bondi Beach, famous for its surfing clubs, is your perfect choice. For a divine, Aussie fashion inspired wedding photo-shoot, pose in front of the famous Sydney Opera and House and Sydney Harbour Bridge.
Australia is famous for wild wildlife, that can be just ideal for a kids party! Australian fauna is magnificent indeed: kangaroos, quokka but spiders and seashells as well.

Bondi Beach for an Aussie Christmas celebration

Bondi Beach for an Aussie Christmas celebration ?

There a lot of reasons to include Australia on your bucket list, since it can be both a great celebration and honeymoon destination in the same time. More than that, the community spirit that is alive and well in Australia, will make you feel „at home“even if you are a thousand miles away!

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