Travel, celebrate and explore with Seletra

Travel, celebrate and explore with Seletra

Whether you’re planning a wedding abroad or a reunion in another country, a corporate party, a family get-together or something completely different elsewhere on the planet, the chances are you’ve already considered all the usual options. But while travel brochures and run-of-the-mill event organisers are packed with those age-old images of Caribbean beaches and Thai islands, traditional English gardens and quintessentially romantic European towns, we at Seletra prefer to think bigger and further afield – to the world’s top destinations.

Hôtel de glace 2015

Yes sir, it’s our philosophy that event travel should be explorative and experimental, allowing people to push the boundaries and leave behind their comfort zone if they want; pitting far-flung corners of the globe next to the popular, tried-and-tested staples of the industry, offering inspiration as well as organisation and taking people to places they otherwise wouldn’t have thought of.

The Blue Lagoon

That means shunning the French Riviera for the rugged Montenegrin coast, ditching Thailand’s Andaman for the salt-sprayed archipelagos of Scandinavia, delving into luxury honeymoon lodges in the jungles of the Nusa Tenggara, waxing up the surf boards on Rhode Island, Ecuador or Costa Rica, passing over Tuscany for untrodden African beaches, seeking tigers in Rajasthan or Koalas in the bush, experiencing the earthy traditions of sub-Sahara, encountering Bedouin desert tribes beneath the Atlas mountains, tying the knot with a hike through the Balearic Isles or by picking your way through the peaks of Patagonia, the cloud forests of Peru or the sweeping Mongolian Steppe.

Predjamski Grad - Slovenija

Our online tool is dedicated to helping our customers think big and bold when it comes to planning events abroad, offering inspiration and suggestions for suitable destinations right across the globe. That makes it the perfect choice for anyone eager to plan a wedding with a difference, to experience the cultures and customs and festivities of an altogether different place, or looking to throw a party, conference or get together like never before!


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