Celebrating celebrations with Seletra: the diversity of customs in the world

Ah, weddings! In India they are an explosion of multi-coloured saris and lavish processions; in Poland a feast of pork knuckles, smoky sheep’s cheese and vodka (lots of Vodka). In Kazakhstan, families guzzle moonshine in yurts on the steppe, in Finland they end with a waltz, while Chinese grooms must first bribe their way through a bulwark of angry bridesmaids. Then there are the Welsh love spoon swappers, Niger’s tribal dancers and the curious broom jumping couples of the Deep South. And that’s just one of the customs in the world!

Big, small, lavish, opulent, humble, simple and downright weird, the world is packed with a kaleidoscope of different wedding celebrations and traditions. That’s part of the reason we at Seletra think breaking away from the usual and into the wider world is a great way to spice up that special day. And we don’t just mean enjoying a Disney-style beach wedding in the Bahamas (unless, of course, that’s what you want!). We mean getting stuck into other cultures, encountering new people and places, and participating – actively – in the cultures and creeds of the Earth.


But it’s not just weddings either! Not a chance. We love festivities and celebrations of all kinds, and are passionate about inspiring people to do something new, whatever the event their planning or place they want to go. We choose to embrace the weird and wonderful, to explore the unknown, whether that means splattering tomatoes over Valencian towns during La Tomatina, watching Hindu babas pierce their bodies during the Thaipusam Festival of Tamil Nadu, witnessing teeth filing in Balinese tribal towns, spraying water for Smigus Dyngus, renewing vows over the shimmering neon lights of Las Vegas, stripping down under the temple tops of Okayama, dodging fireworks amidst Mexican streets, whacking piñatas at American parties – the list goes on!

If you’re feeling adventurous, check out the sheer wealth of options and service providers in our database, and be sure to try out our planning tool – perfect for getting the nudge you need in the right direction when it comes to planning that uber-cool and unforgettable shindig abroad.



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