NEW Destination Celebration portal – Hello World!!

NEW Destination Celebration portal – Hello World!!

Perhaps you’re looking to tie the knot on the ivory-white beaches of the Caribbean? Maybe you’d like to renew those vows under the shadow of an Indonesian volcano? Or is it a family reunion in the charming backcountry of Tuscany you’re after?

Whatever sort of destination celebration you’re looking to organise, we at Seletra have you covered.

Our experts have ranged from the bubbling hot springs of Iceland to the windswept surfer beaches of the Western Cape, from the sun-splashed tropics of the South China Sea to the cloud forests of Peru, the rugged fjords of Norway (where we’re based) to the sands of the Costa del Sol, all in search of the best service providers in the global industry.
Yes sir, be it honeymoon, wedding, reunion, business get-together, stag do, convention or something totally different, our interactive and easy-to-use system can really help inspire the budding events planner. Offering organised trips to destinations right across the globe and helping put you in touch with the best professionals and organisers on the map, Seletra is part networking portal part ideas factory. What are you waiting for?

Destination celebration

What exactly is Seletra?

Seletra is a new and innovative way for people looking to organise events abroad to go about their planning. Using an intuitive online system, and a database of everything from wedding planners and chauffeurs to make-up artists and florists, Seletra makes it easy for would-be travelers to engage with all the local professionals needed for a great event away from their home country.
But it’s more than that too. Seletra also offers bespoke planning services and in-depth knowledge of the travel and events industry, oodles of inspiration for event planners and a platform for professionals to showcase their services to a whole new market of people online. The idea is to allow would-be organisers ‘whatever, wherever’, meaning the scope with Seletra for those eager to take the celebration away from the comfort zone really is unlimited.

Who uses Seletra?            

The short answer? Anyone and everyone uses Seletra. From honeymooners looking for something a little different, to couples eager to tie the knot somewhere special, to corporate party planners, to folk looking to enjoy a birthday shindig abroad – the list goes on! And – of course – there’s another side to the coin. Seletra is also used by thousands of professionals and providers in hundreds of countries, to bring their offering to the global market and connect with foreign clients in need of their bespoke services on the ground.

Where does Seletra operate?Skjermbilde 2016-03-21 13.47.42

While Seletra’s team is based out of the snowy climes of the Scandinavian north (in beautiful Norway no less!), our database of professionals spans the entire globe. We have wedding planners in Eastern Europe, cake makers in Southeast Asia, DJs in California (of course), suit rentals in Latin America and caterers in Cancun. What’s more, we’re always expanding and adding new professionals and destinations to the network.

How can I use Seletra?

We realise that planning events abroad or organising events on the go can be a demanding business, which is why we’ve purposely made Seletra easy to access and use for people right across the globe.
New users should be sure to register and login. After that, it’s just a case of creating an event plan and customising your user profile to get an idea of just what your celebration abroad will look like. Once you’re done, it’s time to reach out to Seletra’s database of pros, using our intuitive system to see what’s on offer in your chosen spot.
When you’re ready to go in search of the professionals and planners you’ll need, hit the Seletra front page and opt for either our interactive map or search box. The first sorts professionals by geographic location (great if you’ve got your heart set on that English garden wedding), while the latter offers access to our vast database of services in countries from China to the US, South Africa to Norway – perfect if you’re in need of a little inspiration during the planning process.

What is this inspiration you keep talking about?

Opting to go abroad for an event doesn’t always mean having a plan. Yes, some people dream about a Caribbean wedding and others are sure about their Spanish stag do. However, we at Seletra have developed a neat way for people feeling a little more spontaneous and open about their event to find inspiration.
By organising our service providers geographically, offering a service-only search query option and featuring various destinations month-on-month, we’ve made it easier than ever for would-be event organisers to pinpoint those more off-the-beaten-track destinations and the hidden gems that might otherwise have not been on the radar. Just think, that could mean hitting the untrodden reaches of the Bhutanese Black Mountains for that corporate excursion, shunning Bali for Lombok or Chinese Hainan, or delving into Poland’s romantic medieval towns. The possibilities are endless!


Seletra : Your go-to global events and networking portal

Seletra is one of the web’s leading, all-round events organising tools for people looking to send their shindig abroad. All-new and innovative, the service is growing fast, offering access to more and more professionals and services in countries right across the planet, all alongside a system which encourages planners to think big and outside of the box, taking your parties to the world’s hidden destinations and real off-beat gems.


Our mission at Seletra is to make it easier for people globally to explore regional hidden gems without needing to spend hours and even days on end, researching and finding these unique spots. Secondly, to be able to easily get in touch with local professionals in that region who can provide any associated professional services they may need for their event.

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